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Domestic care support and assistance

How much support a person needs when it comes to household tasks always depends on the individual. It might be just a little bit of help here and there. Or it may involve complex care. Domestic assistance from Vibrant Home Care in Ashford and Broadstairs helps make life a little bit easier, maintains independence and ensures your loved one’s home is the tidy, clean environment it needs to be. Contact our friendly team and let us know what help you need.

Support for even the most house proud of people

Getting through that lengthy list of chores is difficult enough at the best of times. If your loved one has mobility or health-related requirements that make housework more challenging, it can prove to be impossible. That's where our domestic carers step in. From loading the dishwasher to vacuuming, from popping to the shops to preparing meals, we've got all domestic duties covered, so you can breathe easy knowing everything is taken care of.

Woman giving dinner to senior

What does domestic care cover?

✔ Cleaning and tidying  ✔  Laundry and ironing
✔  Preparing meals  ✔  Shopping trips
✔  Household chores  Gardening
✔  General support around the home

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Would your loved one benefit from some help around the house? Contact Vibrant Home Care today

To make arrangements for everyday household support, speak to Vibrant Home Care on:

0330 174 1402

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