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Respite care

We all need a break from time to time. Caring for another person can be physically and emotionally challenging. Sleep can suffer. You might be feeling drained or irritable. You might just want to go on holiday and need to arrange care for your loved one while you’re away. Whatever the circumstances, our respite care service at Vibrant Home Care in Ashford and Broadstairs will be there to provide the support your loved one needs.

Because taking a step back is sometimes fundamental to your mental and physical wellbeing

Many people feel guilty about taking a break from care, but there is absolutely no reason to feel this way. If your body and mind are telling you to step back and indulge in a little "me time", then you must listen. Our respite carers will provide complete support for your loved one in accordance with their care plan, giving you the time and space you need to recharge, take a short break, go on holiday - whatever it is you need to do.

Female  carer carrying out tapping session with a senior client at home

About our respite care service

✔  Provides cover for your usual carer during absence
✔  Steps in for you for however long you need to take a break
✔  Provides cover while you’re on holiday or visiting friends and family
Laundry and domestic chores
✔  Provides tailored care in keeping with your loved one's needs
✔  Can include live-in care, overnight care and outside care

Holding hands

Talk to the friendly Vibrant Home Care team about respite care. We provide a professional, tailored service.

To make arrangements for respite care, speak to Vibrant Home Care on:

0330 174 1402

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