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Overnight care with Vibrant Home Care

We can feel vulnerable at nighttime and that fear is not altogether unfounded. Poor visibility due to dim light, disorientation or confusion after awakening, insomnia and restlessness ... these concerns can plague us all. But these inconveniences can be particularly dangerous for those of us who are elderly, have reduced mobility or have been diagnosed with a condition like Alzheimer’s. Our overnight care service keeps your loved one safe, providing reassurance and peace of mind when it’s needed the most. Contact Vibrant Home Care in Ashford and Broadstairs to talk about your needs.

Taking some of the burden from your shoulders

If you’ve been caring for a loved one who regularly needs your help during the night, you’ll know how stressful and tiring this can become. But you needn't continue to struggle. Our overnight carers will not only provide your relative with the reassurance and sense of safety they need, but will be there to assist during toilet trips, inability to sleep, moments of confusion, emergencies and any other situation that occurs during the night.

home care nurse and elderly patient

An overview of night time care

✔  Getting ready for bed, including washing and dressing
✔  An encouraging presence instilling a feeling of safety
✔  Immediate response to any situation that takes place
✔  Of particular use to those who struggle with mobility and conditions such as dementia, which can cause confusion and anxiety
✔  Provision of complex care

Holding hands

At Vibrant Home Care, we're here to keep your loved one healthy, happy and independent, whatever the hour

To discuss overnight care with our team, speak to Vibrant Home Care on:

0330 174 1402

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